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iiS Woodling 3 (Tysk)

iiS Woodling 3 (Tysk)

We wanted to tell the story of the very bedrock of our production; the chunky, hearty, vibrant, über-Norwegian, traditional and all round beloved yarn that has warmed the mountain bound, the young at heart, the everyday hero and pretty much every other Norwegian, lest we forget relatives in America who would get handknitted Marius mittens sent across the Atlantic. We're talking about none less than the down to earth, reliable and durable FRITIDSGARN, and so this year we are celebrating it by having a modern, yet tradition-anchored collection made in its honor. The Norwegian design studio iiS Woodling by Siv Elise Seland has designed a series of four garments. Siv Elise seemed to us perfectly suited for the task, as her approach and beautiful work, modern yet with strong ties to the crafting legacy of knitwork, inspire us. Also, she literally is as close to us as in proximity as the wool we source. Part and parcel of this story is also the wellbeing of the sheep that roam the countryside, contributing to the maintenance of the cultural landscape. When the wool is thick and grown, it is sheared and sent to our factory in Sandnes, where it gets washed with soap and water, carded, spun and subsequently colored, utilizing environmentally friendly dyes, in line with strict EU regulations. We enjoy celebrating the FRITIDSGARN and are vastly proud of the beautiful collection that resulted from the collaboration with Siv Elise and iiS Woodling. All 4 patterns are included in this magazine.

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